Thursday, July 7, 2016

..& That's Okay..

My parents have Mack during the day while I'm at work, which I am forever grateful for. He has a bond and connection with my parents that is undeniable. Mackson LOVES being at their house and is quick to run to the garage door when I ask if he wants to go see Gma and Papa.

My alarm goes off at 4:35am to get up and ready for work, get a bottle made, Mackson's bags packed for the day, get him fed and in the car to make it to my parents by 6:15 to ensure I get to work in SLC on time. Our morning routines are the same everyday. Mack knows when he's at my parent's house and gives me kisses when we go into his room, and is quick to roll over in comfort when I lay him in his crib to sleep for a couple more hours.

But, this day was different. I laid Mack in his crib and he stood up holding his arms out crying "MAMA!!" I picked him up and he nuzzled up in my neck and held me tight. I made him another bottle, I tried to rock him, and tried three more times to lay him back down without him letting go at all.

As a full-time working mom who has bills to pay, and responsibilities outside of the home and being mom, going to work everyday has been really tough. What I wouldn't give to be at home more with my baby, teaching him and helping him grow. I sat with him on my lap cuddled up in a blanket at my mom's house crying, not wanting to leave, and Mackson clearly not wanting me to leave either. It's now 6:30, everyone is still sleeping peacefully somehow and I'm officially late.

At 6:30am my dad wakes up and I hear big soft footsteps walking down the hall as my dad walks in the room to take Mack from me. Mack was hesitant for a minute, then reached out to love on Papa. My dad saw me crying and knows I'm late for work. He turned to me and said, "Some days just don't work out.... and that's okay..."

"some days just don't work out... and that's okay..."

These words from my dad have stuck with me in the days since. This seems so profound. Sometimes life doesn't go as planned, sometimes things don't work out. Sometimes plans fall through, sometimes we stress too much, and days just don't work out... and that's okay!

The next time you're stressed about things not working out, try to remember that it's okay! So much easier said than done, but I've kept this short saying in the back of my mind and it pops up often.

"....and that's okay..."

My dad is a wise man, and I love him dearly

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