Monday, September 19, 2016

Fashion Finds

Thanks to my friend Kelsey for the idea to start "Fashion Finds" posts. Here goes! I must say I'm all about reading fashion blogs but you know what bugs me?! These girls started at the bottom and they were shopping at Gap, and Target, and Old Navy and places that were reasonable and REAL. Now a majority of them are making so much money and they're posting pictures of their closets filled with bright shiny Valentinos (Congratulations to them in all seriousness!) but then I'm over here in awe first of all, but second of all I usually exit the blog shortly after. 

Your Valentinos are truly fabulous and occasionally I'll pull pictures up online of the shiny red pumps with the gold studs and I probably drool a little bit. But I want to read these blogs for some serious closet inspiration- not closet envy. Sorry I'm not sorry but I'm sick of looking at wardrobes being advertised that no one can afford. Who's with me!??

This isn't to say that I don't love Nordstrom and you BET I come across a deal I can't pass up. But here I am, ready to show you some deals, dupes, and fashion finds! 
That won't break the bank! Because lets get real here- I have a million dollar taste with a single mom budget! haha 

on Today's Fashion Find: Jeffrey Campbell Dupe! 
Jeffrey Campbell is one of my favorite shoe designers and I'd be lying if I told you I didn't occasionally splurge on a pair or two or four. But that's besides the point. I've been eyeing these Jeffrey Campbell Taggart Cutout Bootie for months. I think they're so great and perfect for the transition from Summer to Fall. Selling at Nordstrom for $179.95. 
Pretty right?!
Now, here's Target's version:
What's even better about Target's version..? They're on CLEARANCE for just $22.48 and you can find them HERE!

You're welcome! Until Next time!


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