Thursday, September 22, 2016

Summer to Fall Home Transition

This has been my living room for the last few months. I was tired of my main wall being tan and boring so I picked a light blue paint and started my project. My white throw blanket hat's over the couch is from Target, and my decorative pillows are all from At Home. Not to mention my favorite white coffee table was a steal! ($10.00 at a yard sale!) Decorating on a budget!

I've wanted things to feel a bit more cozy around here with fall just around the corner (like, when will it be here? It's still so hot outside!) so I switched things up with a few simple touches! Here is what it looks like now:

I switched the couch pillows out for a more fall-like color and chose mustard yellow! (slightly obsessing over this color right now!) I also got the fuzzy faux fur pillows because I loved the look of them side by side with the yellow. These pillows were all $14.00 from At Home! I switched the blue and white rug out for a shaggy grey rug that was on clearance from Kohls for just $29.00! STEAL of a deal for a 5'x7' area rug! I also replaced my soft white throw for the exact same one from Target but chose the mustard yellow to tie in with the pillows! 

Total cost: $110.00!
Links to available online items below!


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