Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Seeing Santa

Last year I took Mackson to see Santa, and as you can see he was not too stoked. Honestly, this is a picture of Mack I treasure SO MUCH. It still makes me laugh!
(It's also a picture I plan to bring out for every one of his future prom dates.)

This year with Mack being 3 I thought he might understand the concept of Santa a little bit better and scheduled photos with Santa at Fotofly! Not quite sure how it was going to go, we hesitantly walked Mack in and he absolutely lit up when he saw Santa sitting there. Bright, beautiful red velvet Santa suit, shiny black shoes and big full white beard. Mack was glowing as he clung to my shoulder shaking with excitement.

These pictures turned out better than I could have imagined. But more than my happiness and total relief that pictures went well, I left feeling that my heart was full of gratitude and love for this tiny child I get to mother.

I hope I never forget how sometimes simple things can be so exciting,and how grateful I am that I get to see life with a magical new perspective through his eyes..

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